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things I should be doing instead: work

I'm such a tool updating my LJ from work, but I hateee data entry and for some reason Excel is having some kind of meltdown and formatting my shit in ways I don't understand. Surpriiise! So I'm not doing that, and I thought I would just pop back up here to continue to make this some semblance of a journal so I can just... idk feel like I'm part of the LJ community? hahaaa I have no idea

I have soooooooooooooooooo much stuff I should be doing lately, but I've been so bored. There isn't a lot I can find to do in my spare time that I really enjoy all that much anymore. I'm not like ~*depressed*~ about it or anything, but still I'm just... very, very blah? I don't know. I used to love writing, but now more and more that's kind of slipping away from me. I still enjoy being creative, but at this point other people have started to sap all the fun out of it. I know I should write only for myself, and I do for the most part. If someone else doesn't like what I write? Whatever, I don't care. I'm just writing for fun, not profit or anything ridic like that, so other people not liking it doesn't bother me. I just feel like... I don't even know sometimes. People are just douches, and I need to probably take myself out of that scene before I end up just not enjoying writing at all. I'm so crazy attached to it, though, so it's hard to just be like "done." I know that at 21 it really should be that easy, but it isn't. ;.; Whatevz, I need to woman up and just do it, but I think I'm going to give it another couple months to see how a few things work out first. I just don't want to lose the one thing that, no matter what, has always been so relaxing and enjoyable to me over a few total idiots.

... and that's it! I need to pretend to go back to work now, but I leave with this final thought: District 9 = love.

pretentious in my sleep

As I sit here and waste the last fifteen minutes of my time at work, I also had a ridiculously weird dream last night which was brought on by... God only knows what. So I was running around some random town with The Doctor (who didn't look like David Tennant or any other version of The Doctor that I've ever seen, but I kep thinking of him as that so whatever, ha) looking for some little boy. I knew he had been kidnapped or... something. So anyways we eventually find this boy... he had been kidnapped by George Bernard Shaw.


I really don't know. So we saved the boy, but then I was kidnapped by Shaw (who was never referred to in my dream as anything less than his full name) and forced to read A Tale of Two Cities (I really don't know) while helping him row across some giant body of water. We arrived on some weird island where he ran off into the woods, but told me to wait on the edge of this little cliff. The Doctor and the boy showed up... I jumped off the cliff (and didn't die)... and we left George Bernard Shaw on the island. It ended in a rather anticlimactic fashion.

... I'm really bored ;.;


oh snap, it's my old lj...

I don't remember exactly how many posts I had on here when I finally started looking at this beast again, but it was too damn many. I'm pretty sure 125% of them were me whining about something or other that didn't make sense, too. Maybe one or two were just general "this is what's going on" sort of things, but other than that... somebody needed to call the whaaambulance on my ass. For real. So that's why I deleted every last one of them. It was a pain, too, because LJ doesn't just let you mass delete entries... I went through and deleted them one by one. It actually didn't take quite as long as I thought it would, so that was nice. Not that I had anything better to do anyways =P

The only reason I'm posting right at this moment is because I'm at work and don't have anything else (that I want) to do. I could put labels on a bunch of little cards, but I don't feel like it yet. The last advisor is getting ready to leave, so I'm going to be sitting here by myself for two hours. Let's just hope no one calls with a real problem, or they're going to be in for a real treat when they find out I can answer approximately NONE of their questions.

Actually the only thing I have to say is that I hate trying to read the writing of idiot's who can't be bothered to make their letters legible. At about 18, which is the age these kids are when they're writing down their names and e-mail addresses to be added to the Pre-Law or Pre-Med list serv, you would think they would be able to write better than kindergarteners.

You would be wrong... just like I was.


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